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"Dreams of Atlantis" - Josephine Wall

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Dreams of Atlantis - Josephine Wall Mystical Fantasy Art

Celestial Journey - Fantasy World of Josephine Wall (Vol.01) 6



Dreams of Atlantis

"As the graceful mermaid sleeps in the watery depths of her ocean grotto, she is enveloped in a sea of dreams. In them she sees the shimmering towers of the mythical city of Atlantis, guarded by the powerful King Neptune as he brandishes his trident to ward off unwelcome visitors.

But the gentle mermaid knows in her heart that she is welcome in this magical kingdom where she is free to frolic with the playful dolphins and wave at the sea chariots drawn past her by horses of the sea."

 - From the image listing on Josephine Wall's website


This image is a painting by Josephine Wall. The incorporation of Atlantis and sea life leads the mind to thoughts of Hans Christian Anderson’s The Little Mermaid (1837).


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