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"Horizons" - Josephine Wall

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"Horizons" - Josephine Wall

(Acrylic on Canvas) 24 x 30 - 1997



"Several worlds meet in this union of the earth, sea and sky. Confusing to some, but perfectly accepted by a child, who without the restrictions of experience can just enjoy the simple pleasure of floating on a water lily, above a twilight landscape, whilst overhead, waterfalls cascade to form a lake of stars."

 - Josephine


This image is a painting by Josephine Wall. In the story of Thumbelina (1836), a girl roughly the size of a person’s thumb goes through many adventures. At one point in the story she is stranded on a lily pad. Here in this painting by wall, the viewer is reminded of Thumbelina’s journey to “happily ever after.” 


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    •   JosephineWall.co.uk


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